RuChiNi Environment Sustainability Planners

RuChiNi Environment Sustainability Planners is a proprietary firm which provides a broad range of specialty environmental services which facilitates  environment respect and care, resource optimisation, carbon footprint minimisation in order to reduce climate change impacts and achieve environment sustainability.

3 broad areas include Research  | Community outreach | Documentation

Research : Desk and Action research aims for providing quality research services to corporates, NGO’s into Environment areas considering future impending climate change.

Community outreach: focusses on mass awareness creation on environmental issues and inspiring people to positive changes by acting on awareness. Direct community interaction through workshops | talks and  Photo stories talks in Print , TV, Radio, Internet media sources|  | Environment drives while such action driven programmes are also planned and executed for corporates under their Corporate Social Responsibility programmes.

Documentation: involves publishing the works for furthering awareness and inspiring people to action by reaching out to public through conference presentation | National-International journal publication | International book chapters . Professional writing services are also undertaken.

We understand the organisations/individual’s compliance and complexity to environment regulations and its links to climate change. But we take care to turn even the most challenging job into an environmentally sustainable  and socially just project / activity. And that is a beautiful thing.

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