Hands-On Workshops

With right mix of corporate work experience and subject knowledge workshops are always planned and conducted by bringing in creative insights such that it caters to multiple sectors while bringing in appropriate multi-functional cross connections amongst sustainability – climate change adaptation| mitigation – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) , with right mix of National-International policy insight and grass roots needs creating the right impact for NGO’s / corporate alike apart from focussing on Behavioural to action changes..

Each of these activities involves community participation as we believe that Awareness brings in right behaviour change and action oriented lifestyle changes.

Hands-on workshop variety include but not limited to:

  • Basics of Kitchen gardening and Zero Budget gardening
  • Learning science and nature through Kitchen garden – a school project
  • Understanding sustainable lifestyle choices in washing – making of natural cleansers
  • D-I-Y sustainable products of daily use.
  • Interactive games to learn the concepts of sustainable living