Activities done so far

Various Training’s conducted:

  • On “Natural farming in the wake of climate change” for Farmers workshop organised by Junagadh Agriculture University under Pt. Deendayal Upadhyay Unnat Krishi Shikshan Yojna with theme on Organic and Cow based training programme for Farmers, at Atmiya College, Rajkot, 10-14 March, 2018
  • On climate change awareness and on Sustainable Development Goals for Youth network workshop for Rural youth conducted by Ecological rights of Youths network – Gujarat held at Rajkot in April 2017.
  • On climate change awareness for Biodiversity Management committee Youth workshop for Rural youth on Kutch Biodiversity conducted by Ecological rights of Youths network – Gujarat held at Gram Swaraj Sangh, Nilpar Kutch in June 2016.
  • Training cum awareness drive on climate change and sustainable development for the citizens (with footfall of over 40000 from all strata of society) during Organic food festival (titled Saurashtra Sajeev Kheti Abhiyan) through well developed power point presentation, information leaflets, movie screening and discussions for Jeevan Mangalaya Trust, Rajkot Nov 2015.

Various Hands-on Awareness workshops include:

  • Kitchen gardening workshops to connect us urbanites to the food and its issues
  • Kitchen gardening as project activity for lower middle income household school kids to immerse them in nature, and also help them learn a skill for their alternate livelihoods
  • Natural cleansers workshops to have environmentally cleaner washing products.

Various  conservation activities include

  • Being with nature – nature expeditions and outdoor learning
  • Conduct various cleanliness and tree plantation drives at city level etc
  • Conducted Tree plantation drives at various society parks and AIR land. More than 100 people have participated during earth day and environment day 2015, 2016, 2017.
  • Seed ball making events, seed ball planting events etc with citizen participation ( more than 350 people participated and more than 1 lakh seed balls were made and scattered at Saurasthra Samarpan Ashram, Sindhavader, Near Wankaner, Gujarat, Environment day 2017
  • Awareness on various environment issues through talks | photo stories on various medium
  • Participated in Organic fair at Rajkot with footfall of over 20,000 for promoting behavior changes  by dialogue and sell of  lifestyle products choices which are environment friendly [Jan 26-28, 2018].
  • Session – On choosing sustainable products
  • Session on – Be the bridge by connecting interested people to volunteer for an NGO for environment cause etc.