Sustainable Development

Sustainable Lifestyle and living

Indian culture had rooted within its principles not to be exploitative and to consume only those resources which were absolutely necessary for life to keep rolling. With increasing use of technology our own least-exploitative heritage knowledge and skills  which were least environmentally exploitative and are minimalistic in nature. Our effort is to revive and promote such knowledge from India or from any other culture, modern or traditional and prove its relevance through modern scientific methodology of today to make it understandable and acceptable to public at large.

  1. An example of Livelihood , Food and nutrition security through women empowerment initiatives – lessons from a representative case at Anandi NGO
  2. Case-study of “Gurukulam” – a traditional educational system of India promoting principles of sustainability and consumption choices through virtue promotion aiding resiliency for Gurukulam NGO
  3. Revival of Indian heritage calligraphic art, handmade paper, natural ink as eco-friendly alternatives through women empowerment initiatives –
    a successful trilogy for Gurukulam NGO