Climate change Adaptation

Inspite of efforts to cap and mitigate the GHGs  today,  air  and  sea  temperatures will  continue  to  rise  as  a  result  of  past  emissions. Thus in order for world to tackle the increasing impact of climate change, adaptation is also needed along with mitigation efforts. Categories of work are as indicated

Vulnerability assessment studies wrt Climate change:

  1. Vulnerability assessment of coastal rural communities : a case of western India
  2. Vulnerability assessment of coastal city: a case of Batticaloa city, Srilanka

Climate change Adaptation studies: 

  1. Interlinking Adaptation and development goals in context of developing country: a case of India
  2. Resilience strategy for Batticaloa city, Srilanka
  3. Adaptation plan for Industrial estate :  a case of Naroda Industrial estate, Gujarat, India.